2020 Spring Looks Guide

2020 Spring Looks Guide

February 26, 2020

Spring is already well on its way this year, and we couldn’t be more excited for warmer weather, more sunshine…and especially for trading in our heavier attire for breezy, effortless spring fashion staples (hello, sandals and sun hats)!

Whether you’ll mostly be pulling existing pieces from your wardrobe to create your optimal spring look, or indulging in a fun shopping spree to celebrate the season (likely a mixture of both), we’ve got a few pointers for creating the most fashionable spring ensembles! The best part? You can mix and match many of these for totally different looks each day, so you’ll feel like you have countless options with just a few essential pieces. In fact, you’ll notice many of the suggestions listed in this article overlap – so with just a few staples, you’ll have an entire season’s worth of outfit selections.

Read on to discover spring fashion inspiration!


This one may feel obvious, but it’s worth mentioning because an oversized blouse is so effortless, comfortable, and versatile! Break out your favorite blousy shirt (you know, the one that almost billows in the wind), and pair it with your favorite jeans, or tuck it into high-waisted shorts, depending on the forecast for the day. In fact, one reason why this piece is so tried-and-true for transitional seasons (i.e. spring and fall) is because of its typically-longer sleeves, and varying material heaviness. If you’re working with a lighter-weight blouse and cooler weather, grab a denim or leather jacket to throw over your shoulders as you head out the door. Otherwise, you’re set for a temperate day in the sun!

Some of the best “blousy” shirts I’ve found are Cloth & Stone button-downs, which are made of inexplicably soft, cool material (generally Rayon), and can be worn many different ways. You can also find a similar style with many other brands in different price ranges!

Here are a few specific outfit combinations using the oversized blouse as an anchor:

1) Oversized blouse + light-wash jeans + low wedge heels + bangles + sunhat + crossbody purse;

2) Oversized blouse + high-waisted shorts + strappy sandals + layered necklaces + large tote bag;

3) Oversized (solid print) blouse + colorful slacks/jeans + flats + layered necklaces.

If you don’t already own an oversized blouse, do yourself a favor and invest in one. It’s well-worth the splurge, and acts as a great foundation piece for a range of outfits!  


1960s flowery wallpaper is making a comeback…both on runways and in showrooms. Don’t believe it? Check out the retro prints that walked the runways shortly after the new year began.

Actually, I firmly believe in the appeal of the perfect floral sundress. We ladies have been wearing variations of them for decades! The best thing about floral prints is that each one is unique. If you don’t like larger floral print, opt for a dress with smaller details. This also applies to color selection – whether you’re into loud, vibrant hues, or more subdued, neutral colors, there’s a floral dress out there with your name on it!

Additionally, feel free to play with lengths. Historically, sundress hemlines have been on the shorter side, but you can also opt for a long, flowy maxi-dress or midi-dress with great floral prints. Tiered styles are particularly “in” right now, so if you’re interested in taking a runway look and making it your own, you can find midi to maxi-dress styles that channel the “tiered” look.

Ultimately, the best thing about this spring piece is you can customize it in a way that’s authentic to your taste and style. Here are a few ideas for sundress inspiration this spring:

1) Floral maxi-dress + sun hat + low pumps + bucket bag;

2) Floral sundress + hair scarf + sandals + crossbody purse;

3) *Neon floral sundress + knee-high suede boots + headband + cuff bracelet.
*Personal Stylist tip: neon is a huge trend this spring. For extra “style” points, snag a floral dress in neon or vibrant hues!

As a suggested spring staple, any floral dress can obviously be “warmed up” or “cooled down” for the weather, depending upon elements such as hemline length, sleeve length, and accessories (i.e. leather jacket; boots in lieu of sandals).

Which brings me to the next look you’ll want to keep on-hand this season…


Did you think that leather is strictly an autumnal look? Think again! The runways this year have shown that you can wear leather a hundred different ways in a myriad of hues. A lime-green leather skirt? Sure! A baby-blue leather trench? Of course!

Whether you’re adventurous enough to try these vibrant pieces or not, there’s something leather (or pleather) out there for every spring wardrobe – and if nothing else, every girl needs a basic leather jacket in her closet. It’s a thoroughly attractive, iconic piece that you’ll wear over and over again through the years, and you’ll never regret splurging on it – even if a well-made jacket costs a little extra.

Got an aversion to the hefty price tag that accompanies authentic leather, and/or object to wearing animal skin? No problem. Faux leather is becoming a far more breathable, wearable, and flattering option than ever due to popular demand – and, as a bonus, is far easier on your wallet than authentic leather.  

Check out these fabulous (p)leather recommendations for ideal outfit combos (perfect for that transitional spring weather)!

1) Classic black (p)leather moto jacket + oversized blouse + light-wash jeans + black booties + standard shoulder bag;

2) Pastel pink (p)leather moto jacket + solid white t-shirt + layered necklaces + light-wash jeans +
Nike Classic Cortez Premium Sneaker;

3) (P)leather slacks + ribbed sweater + booties + classic handbag;

4) (P)leather miniskirt + floral print top + low pump sandals + classic handbag.

There are countless ways to wear (p)leather, and this year’s trends only confirm that this highly versatile, universally-flattering material shouldn’t be limited to only one or two seasons. Leather, FTW!


There’s something super-sweet about polka dots. They add a fun, classic, and feminine touch to any outfit, no matter how you choose to wear them. Fortunately, this print doesn’t stop at “feminine” – it can also be worn with more androgynous outfits, or as a touch of something playful in an otherwise casual (or even punk) look. Whether you’re hitting the office or hitting your favorite brunch spot, polka dots are a must-have element of any spring wardrobe.

Below, we’ve suggested just a few great ways to incorporate polka dots into your wardrobe this season:

1). Polka dot maxi-dress + black combat boots + clutch purse + layered bracelets;

2) Polka dot shirt + high-waisted jeans + booties + hair scarf;

3) Polka dot blouse + high-waisted slacks + pumps + classic shoulder bag;

4) *Puff-sleeve polka dot dress + bangles + low pumps or loafers + crossbody bag.
*Personal Stylist tip: puff-sleeve blouses are having a moment this spring. Check out dresses and tops with puff-sleeves for an extra nod to runway fashion!

…Of course, don’t forget to snag your leather jacket as a great accessory from your closet, if it’s a particularly breezy day!


Loafers are the extremely chill members of the shoe world (not to mention comfy). An extremely laid-back, yet stylish footwear option, you can pair loafers with almost any ensemble, from jeans and a sweater to a blazer and dress pants, reach for that pair of loafers the next time you hit up DSW (or Neiman Marcus – whatever your guilty pleasure might be)!

We’ve compiled a few ways to pull off loafers, so you can incorporate them seamlessly into the outfit of your choice:

1) Oversized blouse + boot-cut or skinny jeans + optional leather jacket + loafers;

2) Collared blouse + blazer + flared dress slacks + platform loafers + standard handbag;

3) Floral maxi-dress + optional leather jacket + hair scarf + platform loafers + crossbody bag.

Enjoy the refreshing comfort of a stylish pair of loafers this season! Whether you opt for platform or flat loafers (or both – because options), your feet – and wardrobe – will thank you.

…As you can see, there’s no shortage of inspiration on the runways and on the streets for spring fashion this year. By adding these few key pieces to your closet, you’ll be set for any kind of weather the season throws at you – each of these styles can be easily accessorized, dressed up or down, and layered for cooler days. Best of all, you’ll find that you’re effortlessly fashion-forward for any occasion – from drinks on the patio to a breezy commute to the office, and beyond.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and shop!

by Lindsey Todd

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