Capricorns: with great potential comes great volatility

Capricorns: with great potential comes great volatility

December 19, 2019


As we enter the end of December, I thought I would take some time to reflect on the Capricorn babies (December 22 – January 19).

Capricorns are one of the most mystical people, typically being very different in their private world vs. how they show themselves to the world. Capricorns may appear to be the life of a party, but privately may be nervous, introverted, or even detached in social situations. Capricorns can be incredibly passionate and loving, but can also be their own worst enemy due to bad experiences that leave them jaded. The image of the sea-goat, who can traverse the highest highs (the mountain climbing goat) as well as the deepest depths (the ocean), encapsulates this 

“I’m pretty friendly, but would prefer to be alone.”

“I’ve always liked people, but people taking advantage of my kindness and openness has turned me pretty cynical.”

This duality of Capricorns is mostly unconscious, so hopefully you don’t feel the world is too judgmental against you. It is easily one of the most polarizing signs. Good Capricorns are loyal, enduring, and faithful. Incredibly so. Bad Capricorns are…well,  capricious. Uncompromising, cold, distant, and self absorbed. Incredibly so.

Capricorns need lots of love and understanding. Capricorns can be hyper-aware and sensitive of their own thoughts/emotions, especially when it comes to the ego  and their vulnerabilities. Many discuss how they had a high energy and extroverted childhood, but bad experiences have led them to cloister themselves from the world emotionally. It would be wise to help Capricorns and hold their hand as they figure out the insanity known as life.

Capricorns may be slow to warm, but once they give themselves, they give everything. If you know a Capricorn, treat them caringly and genuinely. They can be an incredible ally, let alone love. If you are a Capricorn, try to re-discover the innocent joy and energy of youth. You have the strength to persevere.

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