Clueless about 90s fashion? Angel LA has your back.

Clueless about 90s fashion? Angel LA has your back.

December 09, 2019

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to take a step back. This is never more truer than in fashion, where it seems like hot styles from the heyday will come back into spotlight every 20-30 years. 

Friends. Titanic. Backstreet Boys.

The 90s were a hell of a time, before the rise of smartphones and social media made us all go crazy. When the mall was the hangout spot, movie theatres had you watching flicks straight from your car seat, and phones had to- lord have mercy – be shared amongst family members. So it’s fantastic to see that one of my favorite things about the 90s, the fashion, is making a sweet comeback.

Prime Rachel was a goddess. 90s outfits to die for

It was an interesting era, as people began to wake up and recover from the coke-addled experimental insanity that was the 80s. Zany prints and poofy hair began to steadily fade out, but you still had lots of popping colors, pop art-inspired graphics, and a movement towards form-fitting outfits.

There was the rebirth of preppy, the proliferation of punk (which would spill over into goth), and lots and lots of baggy jeans. Crop tops, chokers, knee high stockings, babydoll dresses - the era was all about personality.

Chanel in 90s

This was also an incredible decade for Chanel. The ultimate blend of cute and luxury- it just felt like they couldn't do any wrong through the 80s and 90s. A lot of our styles and outfits today are inspired by these legendary runways.

Indeed, the 90s revival is well underway in 2019. Turns out there was more to Friends being on Netflix than having a new generation of audiences debating if Ross and Rachel were on a break. After a decade perfecting bohemian fashion, people are looking for the next evolution of mainstream fashion, and what's better than re-discovering the simpler times of the 90s. God help us if the haircuts come back as well, but so far the fashion revival is making the world look fantastic. 


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