Cuddly Teddy Coats to keep your body WARM and your closet on FIRE

Cuddly Teddy Coats to keep your body WARM and your closet on FIRE

December 01, 2019

One of my favorite pieces in the closet is my Teddy Bear coat, or Teddy Coat.

This big lump of warm feels like a bear is wrapping its arms around me all day, and lets me fight the coldest of weathers.

MaxMara first brought attention to the Teddy Coat in 2013, and played a big role in their recent success. But while MaxMara’s coat will run you in the thousands, luckily there are dozens of copycats out there you can check out that’s way more affordable.

I look at it as a fashionable way of wearing a Snuggie, which by the way, you should definitely get if you work in a cold office. But while wearing a Snuggie in public will get you plenty of questionable looks, the Teddy Coat can be styled in so many different ways to keep you looking fresh. You can go with a casual look wearing a tank top, or swag out with a dress or more upscale under-outfit.


These coats were all the rage when first introduced, and it was hard to get ahold of. But in 2019, we have all kinds of stores (including us!) selling these coats, and I guarantee you’ll love its versatility. Whatever you’re wearing, wherever you are, if you need to stay warm just slap one on your shoulders and be on your way. This is the modern Linus blankie you’ve been dreaming about.

You might be worried these huge ass coats will cover your bodacious curves, but don't worry about it. You can always just keep the coat open, so you can show off all that hard work you put in the gym. But even considering all this, fuck what people think. You do you, be comfy, and you can always take it off when its time to get down ;)

I live in L.A. where there’s good weather almost all year round, but you’ll still see me around the city draped in a Teddy Coat. It’s just too damn comfy. Just make sure you watch where you sit! These things can get kinda everywhere, and you don't want to be taking it to the cleaners every week!

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