Happy New Years

Happy New Years

January 04, 2020

Happy New Years my babies!

I want to take some time to talk about some real.

Angel LA started as nothing but a brick and mortar. It was a tough decision - nothing but wave after wave of news articles about the death of malls, the decline of brick and mortar, the bankruptcy of the behemoth Forever 21.

What the fuck would make someone open a store in this kind of climate?

This shop was built on one simple core belief - Good = Good. Bad = Bad. If you provide something good to the world, something that people respond to, then it doesn't matter. You can sell solely on storefront. Hell, you can sell ONLY via Facebook Messenger or IG or even just friends. But if you got the goods, people will come. People aren't as stupid as businesses like to think. The internet makes everyone an informed consumer.

That's the simple experiment that embodies Angel LA. If you think we are hot, we will survive. If you think we suck, it's just another failed experiment in the world where thousands of businesses start and fail every single day. All I can say is THANK YOU, because we are still alive and still able to fight each and every day to carve out a place in this world. To provide the world with something we personally believe in and think is hot, and the celebration that enough people seem to respond "it is" that we can wake up the next morning and get back to hustling.

That's all this is. With 2020, we are working our tails off to improve our internet presence, collaborate with more businesses, and reach more people. The one thing that technology can't take away from humanity is simply...humanity. Connections. Love. And so we fight to build more connections, grow more love, and develop meaningful relationships, which is really what life seems to boil down to.



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