Sex and the City - The best show you haven't seen

Sex and the City - The best show you haven't seen

December 10, 2019

Sex and the City is available on Amazon Prime. This is NOT a paid promo, just my thoughts.

After the insane resurgence of Friends (thanks Netflix!), I think that the next TV retro bomb to drop is going to be Sex and the City. Empowering, smart, and unyieldingly sexy, Sex and the City showed an entire generation of working women how to survive and thrive under the modern maze of New York City.


I love Sex and the City because it’s smarter and goes much deeper than some of the rah-rah feminist shows you’ll find today. Carrie and her friends have moments of startling vulnerability, worry, and strain, just like we do.  But they stay strong and supportive of one another through the harrowing journey that is being single in your 30s in the Big Apple, backed up by fantastic writing and performances by its cast.

Sex and the City cast

And what a cast it is.

Sarah Jessica Parker plays the New York City every-girl with incredible wit and style, throwing you into her world effortlessly. Kim Cattrall plays Samantha Jones, the beautiful and aggressive  “try”-sexual (she’ll try anything once) who is equal parts confident and sexy while confronting her life’s difficulties courageously. Samantha is definitely my favorite character. Charlotte is the “nice” girl in the group, growing up with a perfect track record of looks and grades, though often hopelessly naïve. Her marriage problems when her surgeon husband can’t get it up for her? Now that’s what I call a first world problem!


Miranda is the most subtle character of the bunch. She doesn’t immediately shine compared to the strong personalities of the other three, but as you get to know these gals you truly appreciate how nuanced and “real” our long necked lady feels. She represents the ultimate form of the Type-A hypersuccessful New York lady, who also deals with a lingering sense of cynicism and discontentment that she slowly works out as she opens herself to love. Cynthia Nixon won a well-deserved Emmy for her performance.

This might look like some ok boomer shit for you young angels, but I promise you’ll get hooked if you give these ladies a try. Their outfits are fantastic too, and you can’t help but enjoy how their strong friendship keeps them going in the battle royale that is modern dating. I really hope the new generation of girls pick up this show, there’s just so much to learn both in terms of friendship and fashion.

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